Goal value. @EconSports analyses the impact & weighting of Messi & Ronaldo’s goals over recent seasons. bit.ly/1pQn7HT. Influence. 17 hours ago

At the #OptaProForum @Abel_Lorincz analysed the passing networks of @FCBayern. bit.ly/1NbG1pQ. Control. 26 Mrz

. @GarryGelade develops his #OptaProForum research on game state & shooting, now analysing the impact of time bit.ly/124hdxe. Park. 26 Mrz

Breaking down the possession game of @FCBayern. A presentation from @Abel_Lorincz at the #OptaProForum. bit.ly/1NbG1pQ. Centrality. 26 Mrz

Learning from other industries: how the film industry is embracing data analytics. bit.ly/1pQn7HT. Thriller. 24 Mrz

. @Owain_Thomas analyses the @SkyBetChamp’s promotion candidates’ performance & remaining fixtures. bit.ly/1pQn7HT. Sprint. 20 Mrz

Another chance to read @We_R_PL’s #OptaProForum free-kick analysis on whether to shoot or cross. bit.ly/1BMgChe. Specialist. 17 Mrz

‘Attacking free-kicks: shot or cross?’ @We_R_PL’s #OptaProForum free-kick analysis. bit.ly/1BMgChe. Wall. 17 Mrz

‘My data analysis toolkit’ - @data_monkey’s preferred analytical software and what each can offer. bit.ly/1pQn7HT. Options. 11 Mrz

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FILM: OptaPro Forum: Das Zusammenspiel des FC Bayern

Abel Lorincz analysiert in seiner Präsentation das Zusammenspiel des FC Bayern.


BLOG: Manuel Neuer: Torwart 2.0

An seinem 29. Geburtstag ist Manuel Neuer wohl der beste Torhüter der Welt. OptaPro zeigt, was den Torwart der Bayern so besonders macht ...


Als der BVB das offensive Pressing verlernte...

Der Blog zeigt Ansätze und Zahlen, die verstehen helfen, warum Dortmund auf einem Abstiegsplatz überwintert.


BLOG: Hamburgs Wandlung

Datenanalyse des HSV unter dem neuen Trainer Joe Zinnbauer.


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Coach Johan of the Shut-Out University blog looks at the stats behind the penalties taken at the 2014 World Cup.

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A look at how Australia, South Africa and England have fared in Asia, and vice versa.

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Where do Premier League sides attack from?

Analysis of attack routes used by Premier League sides this season.

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The Uselessness of Free Kicks in the Premier League

An archive post from Chris Anderson on the inefficiencies of direct free kicks.

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