Grouping team styles: @jmyrharkins identifies similar teams across Europe. Characteristics. 3 hours ago

.@jmyrharkins uses data to group teams from Europe’s top 5 leagues based on similar playing characteristics. Style.… 6 hours ago

BLOG: @jmyrharkins analyses team styles and discusses the value in identifying common characteristics. Shared. 9 hours ago

Inside #LCFC: a look back at an article on data analysis within the club. Integrated. 3 Mai

Congratulations @LCFC_Analysis @Peter_Clark23 & @ABlake7. Champions. 2 Mai

Presentations from the 2014, 2015 & 2016 OptaPro Analytics Forums can be viewed here. Library.… 2 Mai

. @GarryGelade’s latest analysis explores the value in making the correct shooting decisions. Hopeful. 30 Apr

Stuart Lancaster visited our Leeds office this week and spoke with collection manager Conor Tyndall. Coach. 27 Apr

.@SaturdayOnCouch uses key statistics to analyse teams ahead of the Champions & Europa League semi-finals. Standout. 26 Apr

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NEWS Opta erfasst 3. Liga

Seit Jahresstart 2016 erfasst Opta nun auch die 3. Liga in Deutschland in voller Datentiefe. Sämtliche Spiele vorhergehender Spieltage wu...


NEWS OptaPro Team vom 09.-17.01. im Trainingslager

Auch dieses Jahr sind Philipp Obloch und Benedikt Brust wieder in der Türkei unterwegs, um viele Profi-Teams aus dem In- und Ausland in d...


NEWS: Philipp Obloch als Gastredner beim Sportdata & Performance Forum in Berlin

Philipp Obloch, Key Account Manager Professional Football, und Dirk Ifsen, Geschäftsführer von Perform Deutschland, vertraten am 24. Nove...


News: Bewerbungsstart für das OptaPro Analytics Forum 2016

Für das im Februar 2016 in London stattfindende OptaPro Analytics Forum ist ab sofort der Bewerbungseingang eröffnet.


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Wir wollen eine Revolution

Für 11FREUNDE, erklärt DFB-Chefanalyst Christofer Clemens, wie er dennoch einen Neuanfang starten will.

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Bundesliga preview

Writing for Statsbomb, Dustin Ward provides an analytical preview of the 2015/2016 Bundesliga season.

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Gladbach: luck or a blind spot in Expected Goals?

‘Saturdays on the Couch’ uses Expected Goals to analyse the performances of Borussia Monchengladbach over the past three seasons.

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World Cup Penalty Kick Analysis

Coach Johan of the Shut-Out University blog looks at the stats behind the penalties taken at the 2014 World Cup.

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The Uselessness of Free Kicks in the Premier League

An archive post from Chris Anderson on the inefficiencies of direct free kicks.

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The Numbers Game: Which teams are the worst travellers?

A look at how Australia, South Africa and England have fared in Asia, and vice versa.

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