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RECRUITMENT: OptaPro has a six-month internship vacancy. bit.ly/29YFD1n. Position. 14 hours ago

NEWS: a six-month internship is available with OptaPro. bit.ly/29YFD1n. Ladder. 22 Jul

Experienced sports analytics practitioner & academic @bill_gerrard_ has launched a new blog. bit.ly/1iYMiem. Informed. 18 Jul

An analytical preview ahead of #GERFRA @UEFAEURO semi-final. bit.ly/29ktSjm. Details. https://t.co/1y6s4gTJpi 7 Jul

BLOG: @jmyrharkins analyses tonight’s #GERFRA #EURO2016 semi-final. bit.ly/29ktSjm. Preview. https://t.co/1kTTmAsSIg 7 Jul

.@AD_Alcorcon y los datos Opta en el trabajo del cuerpo tecnico de la temporada 2015/16. Ejemplo. youtube.com/watch?v=CaZ8UG… 4 Jul

(In Spanish) The introduction and application of data inside @AD_Alcorcon throughout 2015/16. Example. youtube.com/watch?v=CaZ8UG… 4 Jul

NEWS: @GregorydSam & @Worville join data scientist team. bit.ly/296UxAk. Expansion. 1 Jul

About OptaPro

The world of professional sport is constantly evolving.

Coaches, analysts and scouts cannot afford to leave any stone unturned in the quest to discover a winning edge.

OptaPro can help to deliver that edge.

Powered by the most comprehensive and detailed databases in sport, OptaPro has developed a suite of analytical products and services which help professional clubs fine tune their performances, proficiently scout their opponents and effectively recruit new talent.

By utilising expertise built up over two decades of live sports data collection, OptaPro's tools help you, the professional, to work more efficiently by making smarter decisions more quickly. 

OptaPro has partnered with the cream of the sports analysis industry to integrate market-leading feeds into the systems that professionals already use daily. This collaborative approach ensures that clubs can maintain a consistent data set throughout the analytical process.

OptaPro is part of Perform Content; a division within Perform Group.

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At Bolton Wanderers we are always looking to push the boundaries of conventional thinking and this includes our approach to analytics. This philosophy is something that we feel is echoed by OptaPro and the products and services they provide.
Brian Prestidge
Head of Analytical Dev.,
Bolton Wanderers