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NEWS: Reading FC to use OptaPro

Reading FC have become the latest English Premier League side to embrace OptaPro's revolutionary performance analysis software packages and uniquely detailed data sets.

By using OptaPro's DataScout and VideoScout products alongside the Opta Query Tool, Reading can gain access to up to 10 season's worth of fully detailed data on over 40,000 players worldwide. This will allow the club's team of analysts to effectively use data to analyse upcoming opposition teams, make their global player recruitment process more efficient and fine tune their own performances more effectively than ever before.

The DataScout and VideoScout products are the result of OptaPro's partnerships with leading companies in the sports analysis industry. By integrating our data with respected companies in this field such as Stratbridge, Sportscode and Scout7, we can enhance the systems that professionals are already widely using.

The accuracy and scale of OptaPro's data will also allow Reading to increase their use of cutting-edge predictive analytics within their performance analysis programme. By employing mathematical and statistical analysis techniques, Reading's support team can use the data to go beyond traditional metrics and find even greater insight.

For more information on OptaPro's products and services, click here and here.

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