Downloadable information on all of OptaPro's products and services for professional sports organisations.

RECRUITMENT: OptaPro has a six-month internship vacancy. Position. 23 Jul

NEWS: a six-month internship is available with OptaPro. Ladder. 22 Jul

Experienced sports analytics practitioner & academic @bill_gerrard_ has launched a new blog. Informed. 18 Jul

An analytical preview ahead of #GERFRA @UEFAEURO semi-final. Details. 7 Jul

BLOG: @jmyrharkins analyses tonight’s #GERFRA #EURO2016 semi-final. Preview. 7 Jul

.@AD_Alcorcon y los datos Opta en el trabajo del cuerpo tecnico de la temporada 2015/16. Ejemplo.… 4 Jul

(In Spanish) The introduction and application of data inside @AD_Alcorcon throughout 2015/16. Example.… 4 Jul

NEWS: @GregorydSam & @Worville join data scientist team. Expansion. 1 Jul

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VideoHub Elite (PDF)

An overview of the VideoHub Elite product.


Data Feeds for Clubs Overview (PDF)

Details of the data feeds that Opta offer to professional clubs.


DataScout Overview (PDF)

An overview of the features of DataScout.


Rugby SuperScout (PDF)

Rugby SuperScout overview


Data Query Tool Overview (PDF)

An overview of the features of Opta's Data Query Tool.


Live Monitor Overview (PDF)

An overview of Opta's Live Montior tool.


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