Downloadable information on all of OptaPro's products and services for professional sports organisations.

Multiple positions are available for this role and there is flexibility on location. Roam.… 13 hours ago

VACANCY: Data scientist position working with OptaPro. Opportunity. 14 hours ago

The day rounding up with @simonjfarrant delivering the closing address. #OptaProForum 10 Feb

The guest talk is delivered by NBA expert @DeanO_Lytics, discussing connection with coaching staff. #OptaProForum 10 Feb

Final proposal-based presentation is from @Sam_Jackson94, looking at keepers' penalty-box prowess. #OptaProForum 10 Feb

Now we have Simon Butler, who's looking for 'Space: the final footballing frontier'. #OptaProForum 10 Feb

Packed house for @MessiSeconds talk: 'An extra year of kindergarten'. #OptaProForum 10 Feb

Up next, William Spearman from @Hudl using @OptaPro and Tracab data to Quantify Pitch Control. #OptaProForum 10 Feb

Popular posters from @Worville/@DannyPage, @neilcharles_uk, @Soccermatics and Santiago Galliano. #OptaProForum 10 Feb

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VideoHub Elite (PDF)

An overview of the VideoHub Elite product.


Data Feeds for Clubs Overview (PDF)

Details of the data feeds that Opta offer to professional clubs.


DataScout Overview (PDF)

An overview of the features of DataScout.


Rugby SuperScout (PDF)

Rugby SuperScout overview


Data Query Tool Overview (PDF)

An overview of the features of Opta's Data Query Tool.


Live Monitor Overview (PDF)

An overview of Opta's Live Montior tool.


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