. @BrianPrestidge uses @tableau to analyse actual goals & expected goals in last season’s @premierleague. bit.ly/1Hnj29V. Visual. 29 lug

From the archive (2013): @MacRob85 with insight on scouting & data analysis within a club environment. bit.ly/1elSB98. Professional. 25 lug

. @barnsleybeast uses @tableau to investigate whether T20 cricket has affected run rates in Test cricket. bit.ly/1Hnj29V. Increase? 22 lug

An assistant performance analyst position (first team) is available at @SouthamptonFC. bit.ly/1fhAJgt. Saint. 20 lug

From the archive: @devinpleuler analyses the efficiency of half-time substitutions. bit.ly/1My6EUO. Replacement. 18 lug

One week left to apply for the technical scout position at @SunderlandAFC. Deadline. twitter.com/OptaPro/status… 16 lug

Writing for @ESPNcricinfo, @rajeshstats analyses run-scoring in the final innings of Test matches. bit.ly/1Hnj29V. Chase. 16 lug

An excellent source for in-depth analysis. Anniversary. twitter.com/StatsBomb/stat… 15 lug

News & blog

NEWS: OptaPro sarà presente al 43o Torneo di Tolone

OptaPro sarà presente alla 43a edizione del Torneo Internazionale di Tolone.

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BLOG: Un’altra finale a Berlino?

Una breve analisi statistica della sfida di ritorno tra Real Madrid e Juventus.

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NEWS: OptaPro lancia Rugby Hub

Uno strumento di analisi online, che unisce i dati Opta ai video in HD delle partite.

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BLOG: La rimessa laterale vista attraverso i numeri

Carlo Morosi inizia una serie di articoli per il blog di OptaPro, il primo sulla rimessa laterale nei migliori cinque campionati d’Europa.

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FC Midtjylland Report

Rivista Undici analizza la stagione dell'FC Midtjylland ed il loro approccio analitico nel calcio.

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World Cup Penalty Kick Analysis

Coach Johan of the Shut-Out University blog looks at the stats behind the penalties taken at the 2014 World Cup.

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Uno sguardo interessante sulla finale di Copa del Rey

Un’interessante ed approfondita analisi tenico-tattica sulla finale di Copa del Rey di questa sera tra Barcellona ed Athletic Bilbao con l'utilizzo di dati Opta.

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Levante e Athletic, la bellezza degli opposti.

Due squadre sopresa della Liga Spagnola 2011-2012. Analisi tecnico tattica.

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Using Opta data has allowed us to steal a march both in player recruitment, particularly in the main markets of England, Germany, Spain, Italy and France, and now in match analysis. What stands alone for us with Opta is its attitude to innovation and creativity.
Mike Forde
Former Director of
Football Operations,
Chelsea FC
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