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NEWS: The OptaPro Analytics Forum

Early next year, OptaPro will be hosting our own, unique, football analytics forum. This event is designed to bring together the best analytical practitioners in sport, whether they are amateur writers or represent professional organisations.

Unlike the many other events of this type on the current calendar, this event is designed to act as a peer review for analytical writing - a chance for the most active people in this field to posit theories, respond to questions or criticism, and further develop their analyses.

The event will be invite-only, and won't cost anything to attend. You will have the opportunity to meet and speak directly to other key names in this field, as well as present your work to them. 

Taking place in London, over the course of a single day, the conference will consist of presentations from football analysts who have submitted abstracts and had them accepted, with each presentation being followed by extended Q+A sessions, with the aim of making a it a true review of analytical work to which we are also inviting club analysts.

These sessions will give the participants a chance to outline and explain their own theories, supported by extensive data analysis.


Abstract categories, submission and judging

We have decided to offer three different submission categories -

      i.        Open call for papers, with a specific data request from Opta - we are able to provide a specific dataset for an accepted abstract.

     ii.        Open call for papers that wouldn't require data from us - we want this event to be data neutral. If you have a different data source you wish to use, then feel free to specify this when submitting an abstract.

     iii.       Challenge - By incorporating a specific challenge, we hope to encourage a debate between different entrants, as well as a look at different methodologies. The challenge we have chosen to set is:


"You have taken charge of a newly promoted Premier League side, and are given a limited amount of money to spend on improving it. Do you choose to prioritise improving the defence, the attack or both equally?" 


Analysts will be able to submit abstracts for as many of these categories as they wish.

Abstract applications will be judged by some of the leading names in professional analysis, including Chris Anderson, co-author of The Numbers Game, Blake Wooster, Co-founder and CEO of 21st Club, Sam Green and Devin Pleuler, OptaPro's Advanced Data Analysts, as well as other industry-leading judges to be added in the future.

In order to secure a presentation slot, potential participants will be required to submit a short abstract, outlining the focus of their presentation/theory. The deadline for this is Monday October 28th, 2013.

Once the deadline has passed, the abstracts will be judged and successful applicants will be provided with any data they have requested and be invited to the event.

In order to ensure that the event truly represents the highest possible tier of data analysis, the event will be limited in attendance to invited ticket holders only. Everyone who has an abstract submission approved will automatically receive an invite to the event.


Application details

In order to submit an abstract for consideration, you will need to provide the following information:



Proposed area of study

Proposed method


Contact details

This information must be submitted via email attachment, and be limited to no more than a single page of A4.

Abstracts should be submitted to

If you have any questions about this event, or the abstract submisison, please email

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